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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Jews Should Buy AR-15 Receivers NOW!

Jews should BUY AR-15 RECEIVERS NOW.  I capitalize "receiver," because at this time if you do not want to own a complete rifle, then by all means, don't.  A receiver is not a full blown rifle, although it is treated by the ATF as the only part of an AR-15 that constitutes the "firearm."  A picture of a stripped AR-15 receiver is at the left (click to enlarge).  As you can see, it is really just a hunk of metal--no barrel, no trigger, no magazine...just a hunk of metal (although there are even cheaper polymer plastic receivers available now).  You can obtain a stripped receiver like the one in the picture realistically for $80-$120 retail.  A receiver is treated like a firearm, so if you decide to acquire one all federal and state laws apply as if it were a full firearm.

Why do I say now is the time?  Because in light of recent events, certain members of Congress are avowed to pursue legislation banning future sales of AR-15 receivers.  It is possible that you and your Jewish family will never have another chance to acquire an AR-15 receiver, at least not at today's reasonable prices.  If you mean it when you and your Jewish family say "NEVER AGAIN" on Yom Ha Shoah,  then in my blunt opinion, you are at best impotent and at worst a hypocrite if you knowingly do not make a move now.  You know our Jewish history.  Everywhere we go, eventually we are hated, hunted and killed.  I hope the US is different for me and my progeny, but who knows--history counsels otherwise.  I know I will do everything in my power to make sure my progeny have the means and ability to defend themselves if need be.

Again, it is just a piece of metal.  If your children find it they can't hurt themselves with it unless one throws it at the other like a stone (and if you get a polymer receiver, no harm at all!).  If a thief sees it, he probably won't even know what it is, but even if he does, he can't do anything with it.  You are just holding it so that one day, if necessary, you can quickly and easily acquire the rest of the parts to assemble it into something that can defend your Jewish family, or if it comes to it, take as many of the bastards who come for us out before they finally get you.  What else do you think "NEVER AGAIN" means?

BUT, "I have a pistol..." you say.  That's good, but a pistol is not a rifle.  There is an adage among soldiers, that "your pistol is only for getting you to your rifle."  This is timeless advice.  In the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, the great Jewish leader Mordecai Anielewicz wrote to his friend:
Three battle companies will move out tonight, with two tasks: reconnaissance and obtaining arms. Do you remember, short-range weapons [(pistols)] are of no use to us. We use such weapons only rarely. What we need urgently: ... rifles ....
I have written before about AR-15 rifles and why Jews should own them.  If you are not ready for a rifle now, then just buy the receiver.  If nothing else, keep in mind that full auto machine guns that were only a few hundred dollars to buy new are now worth tens of thousands because in the 80's it became illegal to manufacture any new ones for civilian sale.  Maybe the same could happen with AR-15 receivers.

I recommend Code Red Firearms, as I have personally found their receivers to be of excellent quality.  The proprietor, Tony Vega, is not Jewish but is a friend of the Jewish people.

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