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Friday, December 7, 2012

Jewish Marksman Rocks a Glock

So I recently acquired a Glock 17 (the details of such acquisition to remain classified).  My version is Glock's "Gen 3" model, a full-sized 9mm.  I loaded up some rounds after acquiring some used brass, bulk bullets and load recipes.  The Internet is chock full of Glock reviews but I'll give my impressions anyway.

So first and foremost, the target at left was shot with 10 rounds, two-handed standing at 15 yards.  It's a pretty good group.  It was a cloudy day shooting from a covered firing line, so visibility of the sights was not great and I blame that for the 9s.  I had some ammo left so I shot 4 rounds at 25 yards, that picture is the end of the post.  Again, a good group.  Then I shot at a 8" steel plate at 50 yards, ringing it almost every shot.  For the day a total of 50 rounds, no problems.  So in a sense, maybe nothing more needs to be said.

But (there is always a but) the trigger leaves much to be desired. The break is not clean, it feels like breaking a piece of plastic instead of a piece of glass...kind of mushy.  That is what everyone reports about Glocks.  There are ways to clean up and lighten the trigger pull, I might try the cheap and effortless ones, or not.  Also, I find the sights really tough to use, the rear notch is a little narrow for my taste.  I might think about some low-light or night sights.

My overall thoughts of a Glock versus, say, a similarly sized revolver in 38 special, say S&W 686?  Hard to say.  As range toys, they are both fun and cheap to reload for.  Some might say the G17 is more fun because of the ability to plug in a 33 round magazine, others like the challenge of the wheel gun.  Also with the G17 you might have trouble recovering your brass at some ranges if reloading is important.  Triggers are different but hard to say one is better than the other, maybe I'll feel different if my G17's trigger is modified.  Based on most statistics I've seen 9mm and 38 special are roughly equal in self defense roles.  The G17 balances and points a little more naturally for me than a 686.  Recoil is roughly the same.  So far the G17 has been reliable.  I'm still in the revolver camp for self-defense based on reliability, simplicity, and the statistical probability of a civilian not needing more than a few rounds in self-defense.  But if engaging multiple bad guys is something you think could realistically happen to you, or if you just can't get yourself to stop worrying about it, then I give the G17 a thumb's up.  If and when I try other Glock models I'll report in.

For those that want to know, the load was Zero 115gr. FMJ over 4.2 grains of Alliant Bullseye, 1.13 COL with CCI spp, I believe it's #500.  I ran the load through Quickload software, and it is well short of max pressure.  I did not make enough ammo to really do much rapid-fire testing, but now I know my load recipe works so I'll rock and roll next time.   25 yard target below, just took 4 shots because I wanted to save my remaining ammo for the 50 yard steel plates:

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