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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jewish Marksman's Year End Tzedakah (Donation) Suggestions

One of the cornerstones of the Jewish faith is Tzedakah, sometimes translated as "charity" (although I think the real meaning is far more complex).  Like many Americans, I sometimes wait until the end of the year to make financial donations.  Aside from the various donations our family makes to various causes (animal shelters, various Jewish causes), this year I added a few more given everything going on in the world of firearms.

1. Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

It may surprise some readers that up until today I was not a member.  Why?  I typically do not like to donate to charities unless there is easy-to-access detailed transparency as to how the money is used.  I looked on JPFO's web site, and did not see any financial disclosure information.  But now more than ever, I think the message the JPFO puts out is critical and must be heard.  I gave less than I might if more detailed financial information had been made available, with a simple one year membership.  I am thinking about buying one of their bumper stickers which reads "Gun Control is not Kosher".

2. Gun Owners of America

I have known of this organization for some time, but had not contributed or joined due to the fact that I already maintain a membership in the NRA.  Besides the political arm of the NRA, it is the controlling body of the shooting sports I participate in.  But given the current politics of "gun control," I became a one-year member in GOA.

3. George Zimmerman Defense Fund

The case has fallen out of the news, but Zimmerman is the man accused of murdering Trayvon Martin.  Zimmerman claims he fired in self-defense.  In my opinion the Florida State Attorney has conducted itself deplorably in this case, and based upon all of the publicly available information, in my view at this time it appears Zimmerman did indeed act in lawful self-defense under the laws of Florida.  So I made a small donation.

4. Friends of the IDF

FIDF does various good works and support for IDF troops, especially American kids who go serve in the IDF.

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