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Educating fellow Jews about the sporting and defensive use of firearms. Especially Jews in North America, too many of whom are instilled with the belief that guns aren't for nice Jewish boys and girls.

If you know of notable Jewish shooters that should be documented on the blog, even if it is only at the local club level, I am happy to report and profile them. And don't be shy if that person to be documented is you! Please drop me a line at jewishmarksman at gmail dot com. Also follow me on twitter @JMarksmanship.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Israeli Mauser Watch 11/5/13

Currently on gunbroker.com there is a nice German captured Israeli Mauser.  This one has the markings I like: the Star of David and a visible attack on the Nazi eagle (scroll down in the listing to see the pictures).  Markings like that, in my opinion, are what collecting those are all about.

No bidding yet, but my estimate is that this one will go for $600-$800.  As always, buyer beware!