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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Jewish Marksman's Thoughts on Magazine Capacity and Proposed Bans

Short answer: banning high capacity magazines will not save lives.

1. Reason #1: Magazines can be quickly swapped, even before they are empty (i.e. when convenient for the shooter) such that whether a shooter carries one 30-round magazine or three 10-round magazines makes no difference.  Check out USAMU member Travis Tomasie:
If you watched carefully, he only took 6 shots from each magazine!  I think the video speaks for itself, case closed.

2. Reason #2: Magazines are based on the exact same design as a simple PEZ dispenser.  It is very easy to either modify an existing magazine or make a new one into a "high capacity magazine."  If someone set on mass murder cannot buy one, he/she will just make one.

It seems to me that most people who propose bans on high capacity magazines don't really know what a magazine is or how it functions.  So hopefully some of them will read this.  If as a kid (or adult) you ever ate PEZ candy with PEZ dispenser, you need to understand that firearms magazines are pretty much designed exactly the same way.  The website collectingpez.com has this diagram of a PEZ dispenser taken apart (and what kid didn't take his/hers apart?):

And here is a Hello Kitty PEZ dispenser in action:
I think you can see it would not take a mechanical genius to create a "high capacity" PEZ dispenser.  Just lengthen the inner sleeve and inner sleeve spring.  It can be done with simple hand tools, or if you want to get serious, use a "3d Printer" (an inexpensive home CNC machine).

Most firearms magazines are no different.  Here is a diagram of the internals of a Glock handgun magazine:
And here is a disassembled AR-15 magazine:
So unless you are the kind of person that struggles to change a light bulb, I think you can grasp the concept that magazines are primitive devices that can and are made and modified at home.

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