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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jewish Marksman's Return to Smallbore

Over the weekend I shot a 1200 point smallbore match.  I brought out the Anschutz 1807 with aperture sights, which is very welcome change from using a post sight or the weird concoction I have on the Israeli Mauser.  I didn't have a chance for any practice before the match.

The first stage consisted of 20 shots at 50 yards, followed by 20 shots at 100 yards.  I got off to a fairly good start, shooting 98.5%, which would be an Expert score.  But as the match moved to a 40 shot 100 yard match, and then 40 at 50m, things went downhill, and I finished at 97.5%.

I think I lost about 6 points for failing to pick up wind changes at 100.  I could see my shots moving right, but lacked the confidence to know that it was the wind as opposed to my shooting technique, so I did not adjust when I should have.

Other than that, position wise, I think I lost some points by not having the rifle firm enough in my shoulder and not having a consistent head position.  Fellow shooters gave me some tips on that so I can work it out before the next match.  I also do not grip the rifle consistently, particularly as to where I put my thumb, but I don't think it made much difference.

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  1. Good shooting! I need to shoot some smallbore. Improves the HP game. SB is so unforgiving if your position & follow-through isn't spot-on.