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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Israeli Mauser Watch: 08.23.12

Currently on Gunbroker.com another Israeli Mauser is up for sale (click for link).  This one seems to be a fine specimen of the Belgian-made Mauser with the IDF crest.  Again, my understanding is that these were made on contract for the IDF, post WWII.  They are definitely cool with the IDF crest, I own a stripped receiver like this that someday I will build out.  But they just don't have the same history and symbolism as a German captured rifle, in my opinion.

Bidding is at $385 with 6 days left at the time of this writing.  My guess is this one will go somewhere between $450 and $550.  

I have no relation to the auction, and as always, buyer beware!

8/25/2012 The current bid is now $782 on that rifle with a few days left of bidding.  A lot more than my estimate, and I don't think I've ever seen a Belgian go for that much...  Definitely one of the nicer-looking specimens.

8/31/12 Ummm...it sold for $1,225.00!?  Shows how much I know!  Perhaps I underestimate the value of matching serial #s on the bolt and receiver?

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