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Friday, August 31, 2012

Israeli Mauser Watch 08.31.12

First, let me say I am still astonished that the last Israeli Mauser I posted about ended up selling for $1,225.00, double my estimate.  Long story short, don't put much stock in my estimates!

Today Gunbroker.com has 2 more listings.  The first only has an hour left of bidding, asking price of $399 for a Belgian with the IDF crest that to me looks a little beat up.  Personally I would not pay more than $300-$325.

9/23/12 Looks like it eventually sold for $329.

The second has an asking price of $499.  It is advertised as a Sauer & Sohn German receiver, and what I LOVE about is the photo revealing both a Star of David and a scratched out Nazi eagle still slightly visible.  A big middle finger to Hitler!  Sorry, notwithstanding the amazing price the other Belgian went for, I think the German captures with markings like this are more valuable, all else equal, and I think this one ought to go for $800 give or take.

9/13/12 Sold for $451 after being re-listed.  Again I'm quite surprised but mazal tov to the buyer!

It seems to me that this seller left his auctions open for only a very short time, and re-listed several times.  I don't understand that strategy, as opposed to say leaving the listing open for a week or 10 days.

Again I have no connection to the auction and as always, buyer beware!

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