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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Israeli Mauser Watch

For some reason, Israeli Mausers on gunbroker.com tend to run in bunches...you'll see 3 or 4 in one month, then see none for months at a time.  So here we have another.

There is a new listing up now (click here).  The rifle is stamped 1939 with a beautiful Star of David stamp as well.  In the picture, the bore looks decent.  The "matte hard chrome finish" does not look appealing to me in the pictures, perhaps it looks better in person.  Typically the finish is a dark brown parkerized or bluing, so I'm guessing collectors would be turned off.  Also, one typically wants the sights to be black so they stand out against the white target background, although a hunter or other kind of shooter might be ok with the sights the way they are.  The stock does look nice.  I ignore any seller's claims of a firearm being a "tack driver" unless they provide a target or otherwise clarify.

As always, good luck and buyer beware.

Update 8/25/12: Looks like it sold for $375, a fair price for all involved.

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