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Monday, June 9, 2014

Exposing Dan Slott - Jewish Marksman's Thoughts

This blog continues to serve as a Hall of Fame for Jews involved in shooting sports, 2nd Amendment advocacy, and other firearms-related activities.  However, on rare occasions when a Jewish public figure deserves it, I induct them into Jewish Marksman's Hall of Shame.  Today's inductee is Dan Slott, a comic book author, currently working on several titles for Marvel, including Spider-man.

Slott frequently espouses his distaste for guns and gun owners on Twitter.  Like most opponents of the Second Amendment, Slott's arguments are purely emotional and devoid of logic.  Recently he expressed his displeasure with Americans' rights to own more than one firearm, thereby amassing an "arsenal".  Specifically, Slott argued that the danger presented by a mentally ill person is proportionate to the number of his/her accessible firearms.  Slott mentioned Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook school shooter, as an example.

Yours truly responded on Twitter directly to Slott by pointing out the logical and practical fallacy of this argument, to wit, that a human being can only simultaneously fire so many weapons at once, proportionate to the number of hands he/she has.  By way of analogy, is an alcoholic owning only one car any more of a DUI risk than an alcoholic owning 100 cars?  I also pointed out that Lanza only used two firearms during his rampage, a rifle to kill others (requiring 2 handed operation) and a single shot from a pistol to kill himself.  I am no expert on mass shootings, but I cannot recall an incident where a single crazed gunman utilized more than 2 or at most 3 firearms.  Considering a single firearm can be reloaded with a fresh magazine almost instantly (as fast or faster than switching to another firearm), I fail to see why a crazy person with two or three guns is any more or less dangerous than the same person with one gun and two or three loaded magazines.  In short, logic suggests that laws limiting the number of guns a person can own have no potential to save lives should that person become criminally insane and rampage.

Slott, like most anti-gun activists, can't tolerate logic and reason.  He wrongly accused me of lying about the number of firearms Lanza fired, made outlandish caricatures of my arguments, and banned me from his Twitter feed.  I have attempted to piece together the twitter conversation below (it seems it did not all occur in one Twitter thread so I have done my best to piece it together from a couple threads...you get the gist):

Uninformed, irrational and divisive people like Slott do nothing to advance the society's dialogue about firearms.  There are plenty of other comics creators out there, so I'll be avoiding anything written by this schmuck.  


  1. Oh yes. It was a thing of beauty to watch you expose Dan Slott as the know-nothing straw man killer that he is. Keep up the good work.

  2. Well done, common snark from Slott when he knows he does not have any facts. Notice the trend...Slott opens mouth....someone corrects him with facts....Slott tries to attack a persons character....Slott looks like a fool....Slott runs away and removes as much of the debate as he can to save face.

  3. Great post, as you see Dan has a habit of using the same debate tactic. You expose his statement then he will lie and try to straw man, attack character or any other tactic until he has to block you and run away. Great job of sticking to the facts and exposing his lies.