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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Israeli Mauser Watch November 24, 2012

Today on Gunbroker.com I noticed a nice looking Israeli Mauser...this is one of the contract builds form Belgium  not a WWII captured rifle.  I prefer the latter, but of course the Belgians have the beautiful IDF crest.  This one has a "buy now" price of $1350, which I assume is based on the fact that all the serial numbers match.  I'm not going to venture a guess at the value, because I am always surprised how much collectors will pay for matching serials (i.e. the bolt and receiver).  Certainly a handsome stock.

As usual, I have nothing to do with the auction and as always, buyer beware!


  1. I just bought a numbers matching Israeli FN mauser for $475 from a guy I shoot with locally. He went and visited his dad in New Mexico and came home with about 15 surplus rifles. Collectors firearms here in Houston offered him $400, so I came up a little on that and he accepted. From what some of these are going for I may have stolen this thing. Even if I overpaid, I still love this thing, bore is great, crown is great and it shoots great. Shoots about 6 inches high but windage was already dialed in. Already took a whitetail deer with it last week. Best 3 shot group with winchester 150gr .308 power point was about an inch and a half. Heading to the gun show tomorrow to find some surplus to plink with.

  2. Mazal Tov! I think you got a good deal.