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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Welcome another JAP to the tribe

No, not a Jewish American Princess, but a Jewish Armed Princess!

My sister-in-law is a nice Jewish girl, proudly married to active service Navy man. She's been staying in town while he's at sea, so we were finally able to get her to the range. It was her first time to ever fire a gun.

My wife turned out to be a natural marksman (markswoman?), and I guess it runs in her family. Or maybe I'm just a great instructor? We started her sister out with an air pistol, and in no time she was using my Bullseye pistols like a pro. She shot a Ruger MKIII in .22LR, 38 specials out of a S&W 686, and finally .45ACP from a 1911.

These were a couple of her targets, all from about 50 feet, which is quite a distance for a first-timer. The best part of the story is that we scanned her targets in and sent them as email attachments to her husband at sea, and he and the crew got a kick out of it. Apparently the rest of the crew delighted in teasing him that his 95lb. wife can out shoot him!

So come on fellow Jewish marksmen, make 5770 the year YOU convert another nice Jewish boy or girl to our tribe!

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  1. This is the first year my wife has joined me at the range in about 30 years. She went once when we were first married. All I had was a .45 Colt Gov't. Big mistake. She wouldn't go back to try again 'til now.

    We made a deal: I would join a gym and do something about my weight and fitness and she would start shooting with me. She went this year and this time it was a Ruger MKII target. She had fun and shot for nearly 3 hours!

    Let that be a lesson - don't bring your significant other that grew up in Brooklyn and only saw the muzzle end of a gun to a range for her first shooting experience with something that kicks like a mule. And have something to trade if she's otherwise resisting the invitation. Kol tuv, Stu