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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bethany Shondark Mandel: Freelance Writer and Jewish Markswoman

Today's Jewish Markswoman is Bethany Shondark Mandel. She is freelance writer/blogger of politically right leanings. In a recent piece she wrote for the New York Post we learn:

As a child, I was saved by the presence of a gun in my home. A man tried to climb in my bedroom window one night. My single mother heard the noise, grabbed her gun and explained (though no explanation was really necessary) that it would be in the man’s best interest to return from whence he came.
I’ve always appreciated my mom’s gun possession ever since. But now, as a mother myself, I understand it, too.

Mandel also participates in a female-oriented gun ownership group on Facebook called Responsible Women Gun Owners: https://www.facebook.com/groups/810239475752825/?fref=nf

Mandel is yet another example of the false narrative that all American Jews are anti-gun. To the contrary, Jews of all walks of American life are at the forefront of promoting and preserving the Second Amendment.

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