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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Jewish Marksman Arie Friedman Defends the Second Amendment Against Illinois Suburb

Anyone informed on gun policy knows that Chicago and its surrounding suburbs (aka Chicagoland) have some of the country's most restrictive gun laws.  I'll refrain from comment, and simply leave it to the reader to draw her own conclusions with respect to such laws and Chicagoland's appalling murder rate.  Suffice to say that Chicagoland has convinced itself that more gun laws will save lives, and is willing to spend millions of tax payer dollars defending laws of dubious constitutionality and efficacy.

One Jewish gun owner, Arie Freidman, is fighting back in court, challenging one suburb's irrational restrictions on magazine capacity and certain semi-automatic rifles, including the AR-15.  (Longtime readers will recall that advocate all Jews own an AR-15).  Specifically, Friedman is appealing the decision of an Illinois federal appellate court to the US Supreme Court.  The legal issues are beyond the scope of this blog's purpose (though as an attorney I do have some thoughts...).  A general summary of the issues is here.

Keep in mind that all lawsuits require fuel to keep going: money, emotional will, and time.  We have no way of knowing what is happening behind the scenes, but it is fair to assume that Friedman is at a minimum fighting the good fight by serving as the plaintiff, and maybe more.  At this time it is not certain whether the US Supreme Court will even hear the case.  Hopefully Friedman will earn a victory for all of the oppressed people of Illinois.

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