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Educating fellow Jews about the sporting and defensive use of firearms. Especially Jews in North America, too many of whom are instilled with the belief that guns aren't for nice Jewish boys and girls.

If you know of notable Jewish shooters that should be documented on the blog, even if it is only at the local club level, I am happy to report and profile them. And don't be shy if that person to be documented is you! Please drop me a line at jewishmarksman at gmail dot com. Also follow me on twitter @JMarksmanship.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Jewish Marksman's Status Report

Work has kept me extremely busy, and unfortunately I needed to work some weekends that coincided with matches, meaning I could not attend matches for the past few months.  That really stinks because this time of year in Florida is great for matches weather-wise, because it tends to be not so hot but the winds pick up to make the matches more challenging.  Hopefully this month or next I'll get back in the game.

In the meantime, I've been practicing with the SCATT system and really making some changes to my standing position for improvement:  
  • I have taken to keeping my trigger-arm elbow to my side instead of winged out, which makes for a tighter and more stable position.  
  • I've also set my front sight to it's narrowest iris, allowing for very little white around the bull, and that has really tightened my hold as well.  
  • I've moved my grip much lower on the grip handle, which allows me grip a little tighter and really isolate the trigger finger's movement.
  • Lastly, I've really focused on making my approach to the bull more efficient and quicker, trying to get the shot off in 3-6 seconds once the rifle is "on target".
The results have been scatt averages of 95+, which is great for me.  I think also getting away from the matches for a while has also changed my perspective a little bit...got my mind off the game and more focused on enjoying the process.  

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