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Monday, August 26, 2013

Israeli Mauser Watch 8/26/13

There are a couple of very nice looking Israeli Mausers currently for sale on Gunbroker:

This one (click here) has a very cool Czech action, with the beautiful lion crest.  Now, unlike many of these Czech actions I've seen, this one actually has a Star of David stamp on the side, which I love.  It seems like someone did some restoration work on this one.  With matching numbers, I see this one selling over $1K, the starting ask is $750.  Too rich for my blood, but man I wish a stripped action like that one would go for sale sometime.

The other (click here) is a Belgian with the IDF crest.  Other than the fact this one is clean looking, I'm not sure what justifies the $950 ask.  I've seen the Belgians in that condition go $600-$800, and at that high end only when super clean.  I see that the seller is the same for both rifles, perhaps he confused the two ask prices. 

As always, buyer beware!

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