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Friday, July 12, 2013

Israeli Mauser Watch: Remarkable Israeli Mauser on Gunbroker

Right now on Gunbroker.com is a classic example of the type of Israeli Mauser that I really like, perhaps the best I've seen online.  German-made receiver, Stars of David stamps on the receiver and carved into the stock, stamped out Nazi markings, matching bolt and receiver, sling, grenade launcher.  Lots of pictures so check it out (click to visit)!

Also there is Hebrew word on the receiver and stock, and I'm not quite sure what it means, or if it is an acronym.  I can't tell if the letters are מכלן or מפלן so perhaps one of my readers can help read and translate the markings.

With two days left in the auction, bidding has reached $650.  I suspect it will go for $900-$1200.

As always, buyer beware!

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  1. JM,

    I *might* be able to have the "mem/pei/lamed/final-nun" word translated. If my source comes through, I'll post it to comments.