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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Israeli Mauser Watch 2/13/13

For sale now on Gunbroker are two German captured Israeli Mausers.

The first one is a 1945 dou, which has cool markings, including what looks like 2 Stars of David.  Unfortunately, it has some kind of import stamp not just on the barrel, but also on the receiver.  Some people might like that stamp, some not (I'm not sure why the importer stamped the receiver...my understanding is that only the barrel needs to be stamped...).  The bidding starts at $350...with a shot-out barrel I don't see it fetching much more than that.

The second one is very old, 1918.  It has some rare German markings, but no visible Hebrew on the receiver, but some Hebrew on the barrel band.  Personally, no Star of David is a deal breaker for me, but bidding is already at $500, and due to the age, condition and markings it wouldn't surprise me if it goes for $800-$1200.  Just think, in 5 years that rifle (well the receiver at least) will be 100 years old, and is probably still very capable.

As always, buyer beware!

UPDATE: I waited too long to followup, sale price no longer published...

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