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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Israeli Mauser Watch - IDF Stripped Receiver

Currently on gunbroker.com someone is selling a stripped IDF Israeli Mauser receiver.  I know nothing of the seller, but the receiver looks to be in decent shape.  Note that from the IDF crest you can tell this was Belgian manufacture on contract for the IDF.  I would have a gunsmith check out the receiver for strength and cracks, but most likely that receiver is just as good as any other Mauser receiver if one wanted to put together a custom Mauser-based sporter, target or hunting rifle.  Whether that would be economically wise versus just buying a new rifle is another story...  If you want an Israeli Mauser that looks as-issued, pass on this and wait for a complete rifle, as it is less expensive to buy a complete rifle than to try and build one from parts.  I bought one very similar to this already, and if I didn't already have one, I'd probably buy this one.  I still have not decided what I'll do with it yet (maybe someday a target rifle), for now it is just a very cool paper weight!

Again, I have nothing to do with the sale, so as always,  buyer beware.

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