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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dan Lederman: Jewish Pro-2nd Amendment Politician (and Marksman)

Over the weekend, the Jerusalem Post did a piece on Dan Lederman, a Jewish, Republican state legislator in South Dakota who strongly supports Israel. I did a little research, and it turns out Lederman is very pro-2nd Amendment, and the NRA has given him a Defender of Freedom Award. He is quoted on his website:
“I am grateful the NRA awarded me an A+ rating. It is an affirmation of my firm belief and the belief of Second Amendment supporters across the state that our constitutional right to bear arms must be protected. This rating could not be timelier as pheasant season opens on October 16th. In time honored tradition, tens of thousands of South Dakota residents and hunters from around the country will travel across the state to exercise their Second Amendment freedoms. ... There is still more work to do to protect the Second Amendment, [r]ecent Supreme Court rulings in Heller and McDonald have laid the groundwork for states to reform laws to bring them in line with these rulings. If elected to the State Senate, I intend to bring forward a bill that would allow law abiding individuals to keep a fire arm in their locked vehicle while parked in an employer’s parking lot. Gun owners and gun rights proponents continue to be supportive of these efforts. Citizens’ Second Amendment rights should not be checked at the entrance to an employers’ parking lot.”
Dan Lederman seems like my kind of politician...pro-Israel and pro-Second Amendment....what more can conservative Jews ask for? It is great to see his success in a state with a small Jewish community, and hopefully someday soon we'll see him on the national scene. (I don't know much about his background in shooting sports, although the photo above at least proves he's gone shooting at least once!)

For my growing list of prominent Jews who support the Second Amendment, click here.

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