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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jewish Marksman Officially a Master

Today I received my Master classification card in NRA High Power Rifle. What's the secret to getting there? The same secret to make it to Carnegie Hall: practice, practice, and more practice.

Last weekend I attended an NRA Smallbore Prone match. The match was run by a Jewish marksman, but more on him another time... For a great summary of the sport and its history, check out fellow Jewish marksman Hap Rocketto's piece here.

Smallbore rifle is a new challenge for me in many ways. I thought my prone game was pretty good, typically 97%+ in High Power. Well, it turns out that 97% barely makes the Sharpshooter class in Smallbore Prone, and that's exactly how I shot last weekend. It is also a 160 shot match, shot in 20 minute intervals of 20 shots at 50 yards, 50 meters, and 100 yards. I find it difficult to stay focused for what amounts to a five hour match, particularly when at this club 15 to 20 minute breaks are taken between stages..next time I'll bring something to read between stages!

There is a lot for me to learn and practice to begin to do well. First and foremost, I need to build a good position. Curiously, with the AR-15 service rifle I was able to build a stable prone position very quickly, even though most people don't love its ergonomics. My 9's in prone are usually trigger problems, not hold problems. However, despite my smallbore rifle's adjustable buttstock and comb, I can't get my head in a good, comfortable position, and find myself craning my neck down to see the sights. The result is a stable position for about five or six shots before the discomfort and strain breaks down the position and the hold falls apart. I am pretty sure that sight risers (blocks that allow a shooter to bring the sights up higher above the muzzle) will fix the problem. It stands to reason that the closer I get my smallbore rifle's geometry to my proven comfort behind the AR, the better I'll be. The other issue is a handstop too large for my hand, which becomes quite painful by around the twelfth shot or so. Lastly, I have trouble with the bottom row of targets for some reason.

Anyhow, my goals for the rest of the year will be to make High Master in High Power, and I think Expert in smallbore prone might be doable.


  1. Congratulations!
    You worked, concentrated, focused and by doing so, you earned it. No freebies, no giveaways. You earned it round by round, shot by shot.
    Good job.

    Now do it again.

  2. Told ya, it was just around the corner.

    Mazal Tov!

  3. Nice blog and good job making Master. I think it's awesome you registered your name as "Jewish Marksman" for classification!

    John Buol