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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jessica Levine: 2010 Camp Perry Rifle Competitor

Every year target shooting competitors from all across the US flock to Camp Perry located in Ohio for the National Matches. Camp Perry is where we find out who the top guns really are. I know several Jews who go to compete...but until now I haven't seen many Jewish names on the leader boards. This year I saw the name Jessica Levine, and with a little internet sleuthing was able to confirm that one of the elite US collegiate shooters is indeed a member of the tribe!

Jessica's results this year:
  • In the NRA 3-Position Championship (201), composed of Metallic Sight Matches (231,232,233), she took 9th place with a 1172-44x. Note this ranking is mixed men and women, military and civilians.
  • In standing (232), she shot a 393-14x, which was 2nd place overall, and earned her the titles of High Woman and High Collegiate. By the way, standing is the toughest position and the game that separates the real shooters from the wannabes.
  • In the aggregate (Metallic and Any Sight), she placed 13th with a 2309-72x!

Mazal Tov!


  1. Sandra, Abbie, and Dannielle Fong are jewish. All usa shooting rifle competitors.

    1. Thank you for the tip, I will get on it!